a simple salad for lazy summer time lunches



feeds 2

- 300g pearl barley, cooked as per packet instructions

- 2 ripe figs

- 1/2 block good halloumi cheese

- 50g toasted pine nuts

- handful of sesame seeds, toasted

- handful of radishes

- lambs lettuce, or other salad leaves

for the dressing;

- 2 tbsp good olive oil

- 1 tsp sesame oil

- seasoning to taste


- cook the pearl barley as per the packet instructions, with some salted water, and leave to cool a little

- slice the halloumi, and grill on a griddle pan until soft. Cut the figs in half and grill them too, until soft and slightly charred 

- make the dressing by combining seasame oil, olive oil and salt and pepper to taste

- pour dressing over the cooked pearl barley, mix it all together with the salad leaves, radishes, pine nuts and toasted sesame seeds

- add the halloumi and figs and serve